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Here is a selection of free Mansard Capital Management guides that you can download and read covering a range of topics.

Asset backed lending

A guide to various asset backed lending strategies and ways in which investors can gain access and benefit from these types of opportunities.

Property Finance

A guide to way in which you can provide finance to property developers across multiple different asset classes such as student accommodation, residential, retirement living, care homes, commercial, logistical and retail.

Alternative investments

A look at the growing investment opportunities within alternatives and how to utilise these types of investments alongside more traditional asset classes such as stocks and bonds.

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Retirement Interest Only Mortgages

With a globally aging population, the age of borrowers has increased, but in the UK people aged over 55 control 75% of the housing market.

Portfolio Asset Allocation

How to construct a well-diversified portfolio with a focus on “core” and “satellite” assets for a better risk adjusted outcome, utilising various asset classes helps investors to mitigate risk.

Investment Types

An overview on various acronyms used within the world of investments, it is often confusing and difficult to understand what holding these types of investments means to your portfolio.

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